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Charlotte is one week old today and of course I had to document it.  Addie got a little silly during our photo shoot.  I think we’re both going stir crazy. Charlotte is totally unfazed.

Charlotte Grace Ruffing

Born August 6, 2010 8:30 AM

8 lb 7 oz 21″

Addie is super excited to be here!

I lied. THIS will be my last post as a Mom of one.  I was going through some photos and wanted to post these here before I forgot about them in post-baby mania or they got too old.  And then I also might shut up about how much Addie loves gymnastics.  It almost makes me sad that she’s destined to be 6 feet tall.

Waiting with Dad.

These were taken at a class a few weeks ago.  One that, luckily, Scott was able to attend.  It thrilled Addie to have her Dad there watching her class.  Addie has been an absolute joy lately.  I think she senses that something is about to change in our lives, or maybe I just have more patience in these last few weeks alone with her.  She really turns every day, every little task or outing, into a special occasion.  Her excitement for little things – like going to the grocery store where she’ll get a balloon, or heading to the library where she’ll get to play a game on the computer – makes our boring little stay-at-home world that much more fun.  It’s the kind optimism that only the very young have and the rest of us wish we could get back.  I only hope that she’s as excited to share in these mundane tasks with her little sis. 

She really is as high as she looks. She wouldn't even put that harness on 8 weeks ago.

This will be my last post as a Mom of one!  Not that I’ve posted all that much during my pregnancy but still.  I went to my 39 week appointment yesterday morning.  Everything was business as usual and I left feeling GREAT.  Happy that I was going to meet my baby in seven days.  And excited about my plans for a dinner out with friends.  Somewhere in between walking out of that medical building in the morning and driving home from dinner last night, something changed.  Something that had absolutely nothing to do with my uterus.  When I got home last night at 10:00 PM I found a note from Scott saying my doctor had left a message on our home phone that I would be having my baby on Friday.  This Friday.  Two days and 9 hours from that moment. Not seven days like I had thought.  Three days earlier than my Mom is scheduled to fly in to help with Addison.

So, I stayed up all night, quite literally, wondering what in the world I was going to do with Addie while I was in the hospital and trying to wrap my mind around having this baby in two days.  I thought I had a week left with Addie as an only child.  I had plans to do all of our favorite things one last time while it was still just the two of us.  I had a lot to cram into those seven days.  Not the least of which was a boatload of housework.  I have this idea in my head that Addie’s life as she knows it will be over once she has a sibling.  I realize this is all in my head.  We’ll still do everything we’ve always done, there will just be more of us.  I hope that means that much more fun.

I realize that not everyone gets a heads up about when they’re going to have their baby.  We are very lucky in this respect.  It’s a great surprise when it’s just you and your partner anticipating the birth of your first child.  All you have to worry about is packing a bag and getting to the hospital on time.  With baby #2 (and beyond) it’s incredibly stressful.  Wondering if you’re going to have to drag your sleeping child from their bed in the middle of the night.  Sheepishly asking friends if they could be the unlucky ones you call on at 3 AM to take the older sibling.

Now, not 24 hours later, Addie-care is completely covered for the weekend. We have some wonderful friends who have stepped up to help to make sure Addie is occupied while I’m in the hospital.  So, while I’m still anxious about having surgery on Friday, I am not anxious about what Addie will be doing because I know she’s in good hands.