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Oliver had another therapy appointment on Wednesday.  It should have been his second visit of the week but Monday’s appointment was canceled because he was…sick.   Last week they took Ollie out of the harness while he was in the tank and he did a good job of supporting himself, though he tired very quickly.

After Wednesday’s session I spoke to his physical therapist.  She said that while Oliver has been making slow, steady progress, there wasn’t a lot of improvement between last week and Wednesday.  She also measured him for a boot to help keep his foot in the right position.  I don’t remember the medical that she used, but she basically told me that Oliver has no idea where he is placing his right leg.  That’s why it’s always curled under, or sticking way out to the side, or crossing his other foot.

Even though hasn’t been any measurable progress at therapy, we’ve definitely noticed some at home.  Oliver is done laying around and he’s back to following us all over the house.  He’s just a little slower.  Because he can’t control his leg to properly place his foot, his right paw is always curled under and his toes drag on the floor.  The top of his paw now has a sheen to it.  Almost as if it were waxed.

Here are a few videos of Oliver from last night; 15 days after his stroke.  In them you can see not only how Oliver is getting around the house these days, but how happy he is to be doing it.

Today I’m heading to Steamboat Springs, CO  for a week for this.  I picked my Mom up at the airport yesterday.  She has the exciting but challenging task of watching Addison for the week while Scott is at work.  I know I’m leaving Addison in capable hands, but that doesn’t make it any easier for me to be away from her for five whole days.  Now, I’m going to cuddle with my girl and squeeze her ’til she pops before I leave for the airport.


Addison modeling Mom's ski cap.

If you’d like to keep up with the action in Steamboat, check out the Musicfest Live Blog.

Clever title.

My mind is at capacity; virtual memory is low.  There’s so much I want to record this week and I have so little brain capacity with which to compose a blog post.  I’m up early getting ready for Addison’s birthday party.  It’s not even light out yet…I didn’t think I could type in the dark.  I can’t, really.  It’s a good thing the backspace key is big.

Last night we attended the neighborhood Halloween party.  What a great idea this was.  Not only did we get to meet a lot of our neighbors, the kids got to run wild and play together in a safe area at the end of the cul-de-sac.  Addison ended up finding a dog tied to a tree to torment and spent the rest of her time commandeering other kid’s toys.

The biggest surprise of the night was that Addison didn’t complain about her costume once.  It was actually quite cool outside once the sun went down so I’m glad we went with the big fuzzy costume.  Now I have to make yet another trip to the market for something else I forgot.

After our Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Wednesday we started Thursday off right.  We met some friends at the park right after morning nap.  Really, right after nap.  I didn’t even give Addison the chance to yell at me, I just got her out of her crib and whisked her off to the park.  It made her head spin how quickly she was having fun.  She never had a minute to protest.

We tried the swings again and she was much happier on them this time around.  Truth be told, I was hoping she would stay in the swings for the entirety of our park visit.  Addie’s not too steady on her feet yet and her walking in public or outdoors with all of that dirty dirt is still a little daunting to me.  If our economy weren’t in the crapper, I would totally buy stock in Tide.  And Purell.  I see a lot of it in my future.

I’m pretty sure she’s smiling on the inside.


When Addison was younger, I used to think about how awesome the job of a baby photographer must be.  After all, there are so many gorgeous pictures of wrinkled little newborns.  And baby toes…the pictures of baby toes make me melt.  Taking pictures of babies is fun.  If you don’t get your shot the first time, well, take another one.  They’re not going anywhere!  Then Addison started crawling and it was difficult to keep her in one place too long.  Taking pictures was suddenly challenging and I started to reconsider my position on the ease of being a baby photographer.

Now that Addison is walking, it’s pretty darn impossible to get a good picture of her.  I think it would be easier to photograph a drunk rabbit.  I usually just follow her around, hunched over with the camera at knee height snapping away, hoping for something salvageable.  Suddenly, every photo is an action shot.  Our day at the park was no exception.

Setting up an arabesque?  Or just another walk in the park?

Stopping only to take a rest.

Once Addie saw the birds and ducks, she took off and started her laps.  She walked around the park like it a was a high school track and didn’t stop until I put her in the stroller to leave.  Now excuse me, I have a baby to chase.

Not much to report here.  The winds picked up about an hour ago.  This makes sense, as all of the computer models they’ve been showing on the news say the storm will make landfall earlier than expected.  Then again they also said the storm stopped over the Gulf.  Just taking a breather is my guess.  I have no idea how these hurricanes think.  Galveston is already getting hit hard.  There are some scary reports coming in from the island and I’m praying for the thousands of idiots who decided to stay.

I took Addie outside to check the wind – she likes it – and we snapped some video.  I was a little surprised to see how many of my neighbors have cleared out.  I was also a little concerned when my good friend down the street  told me she was leaving this morning.  She’s the weatherman’s wife so I’m wondering if she had some inside information.  Anyway, here was what Ike looked like from our neighborhood at 6:30 PM.

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