Addie is super excited to be here!

I lied. THIS will be my last post as a Mom of one.  I was going through some photos and wanted to post these here before I forgot about them in post-baby mania or they got too old.  And then I also might shut up about how much Addie loves gymnastics.  It almost makes me sad that she’s destined to be 6 feet tall.

Waiting with Dad.

These were taken at a class a few weeks ago.  One that, luckily, Scott was able to attend.  It thrilled Addie to have her Dad there watching her class.  Addie has been an absolute joy lately.  I think she senses that something is about to change in our lives, or maybe I just have more patience in these last few weeks alone with her.  She really turns every day, every little task or outing, into a special occasion.  Her excitement for little things – like going to the grocery store where she’ll get a balloon, or heading to the library where she’ll get to play a game on the computer – makes our boring little stay-at-home world that much more fun.  It’s the kind optimism that only the very young have and the rest of us wish we could get back.  I only hope that she’s as excited to share in these mundane tasks with her little sis. 

She really is as high as she looks. She wouldn't even put that harness on 8 weeks ago.