It’s summer, it’s hot and I’m past the point in my pregnancy where I can even pretend that being outside doing anything is fun.  I can’t even fake it.  So I don’t try.  I don’t apologize for it either.  Even Addie thinks it’s too hot outside.  On the mornings – early mornings – that we do go outside to play she’ll tell me she’s hot and wants to go in.  She doesn’t have to tell me twice.  That is for sure. 

So, instead of sitting in the house with the blinds drawn all summer, I’ve made it my mission to find lots of fun indoor activities for us to do.  And, truth be told, Addie doesn’t even seem to miss the outdoor playground.  She still gets to ride her bike and go to the pool with her Dad in the evenings and on weekends so she doesn’t much mind all the climate control during the weekdays.

This week Addie started gymnastics (Or manassicks if  you ask her) and dance lessons.    I was a little apprehensive about signing her up because there’s a pretty strict “no parents allowed” policy for her age group.  I thought this was a good time to start, though, because in August she’ll be going to Children’s Day Out two days a week. 

This was the first time Addie has done anything without me and though I prepared her for it ahead of time, it didn’t really register.  Not until she was walking into her first gymnastics class, looked up to tell me something and I wasn’t there.  She ran back to get me and I walked her into the room and then left.  She could see me through the giant wall of windows that separates the waiting room from the gym, but still she sat down on the mat, looking at the door with her bottom lip quivering.  I counted backwards, slowly, from ten, totally blanking out on the conversation I was having with another parent in the waiting area.  I couldn’t watch her like that any longer and just as I made my move to run into the gym and get her, the teacher distracted her with the first activity and that was it.  Poof.  It was over and she was all smiles for the rest of class.

She loves her classes and talks about them all the time.  We were talking over breakfast on Monday before her dance class when she said, “Addie goes to dance.  Mommy can’t help, you wait outside.”  So she gets it and I think she even likes having that little bit of time to herself.  I have to admit, it’s a bit of a blow to the ego.

At the end of dance class this week all of the Mom’s went in the room to take pictures of the dancers.  It was “Rockstars and Divas” day and the kids were all dressed up and looking cute.  I was the last Mom to walk in the room and as I was getting my camera out I looked over at Addison and she was pointing at me and crying.  I thought, ‘Oh, she wants her Mommy.  Maybe I shouldn’t have come in the room.’  So I asked her, “What’s wrong sweetie?”  and she pointed at the door and said, “Mommy, you go outside.”  I was booted from dance class.  My, how quickly the grow.

Here are a few cute videos from Addie’s first gymnastics class.