Addie and I are just back from a two-week trip to New England.  This was the longest trip we’ve taken yet.  I was nervous about it, not only because I’d be doing the solo-parenting thing for two weeks, but also because if things didn’t go well we were stuck.  Like that one trip when Addison refused to drink any fluids because I didn’t pack the pillow she likes to lay on while she drinks her milk.  I only wish I were kidding. This is the kind of diva I am living with.  That visit almost landed her in the ER for dehydration.  But it was a short one, comparatively. Only six days.  So, I was nervous about two whole weeks. Plus, this would be the longest she’s gone without seeing her Dad and I was worried about a melt down. 

Only one paragraph into this post and already with all of the worrying, right?  Somebody get me a Valium. 

We haven’t taken a trip to visit family in a while because of all of Oliver’s medical issues over the winter.  Traveling just wasn’t in the budget with all of our veterinary bills.  With me progressing in my pregnancy (read: getting bigger and bigger) I didn’t want to wait too much longer to travel (read: buckle my expanding stomach into an airplane seat for four hours).  And since I won’t be traveling again before Baby #2 comes along, I wanted to make the trip a long one. 

I was a little concerned (that’s just another word for worried) about how Addie would react upon seeing her family for the first time in so many months.  I dread her clinging and burying her head in my shoulder when someone tries to say hello.  Surprisingly, she did great.    She’s mostly overcome the stranger anxiety that has plagued her since she was an infant.  The first day of our trip, I could almost see the little wheels spinning in her head every time someone greeted her.  She was like, “Oh, you’re smiling ’cause I’m here?  Great!  Let’s hug it out!” It was a pleasant change from some previous visits when she would warm up for only a day or two before we left.

Addie did ask for her Dad while we were away but she would quickly tell me that he was working when I said he wasn’t available.  It was as though she thought he was on a long business trip while we were hanging at Auntie Jen’s house.  As much as she missed her Dad, she was still upset the day we packed up to leave.  She was screaming when I deflated her air mattress.  I can’t say I blame her, she had cousins to play with, grandparents, aunts and uncles to dote on her, puppies to chase and a trampoline to jump on for hours a day.  It was must have felt like being in a traveling circus.  And now that we’re settled back in Houston, I kind of miss the circus too.