The other night while getting ready for bed Addie looked at me and said – in a very small voice – “mommy”.  She barely croaked out those two syllables.  It sounded almost like a question, like she was just trying it on for size.  She paused and said again, a little louder this time, “Mommy” and then she smiled and started a string of “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…”

I was stunned.  And I have to admit, a little lump started forming in my throat (though I’m blaming the pregnancy hormones).  I’ve always been Mama.  Since Addie started calling me anything, it’s been Mama.  Once she hit two years old and still hadn’t changed my title I was thrilled. I can think of nothing better that I’d like to answer to for the rest of my life. I have this vision of me telling 15 year old Addison “No, you most certainly can not get into that sports car with those senior boys” and her rolling her eyes, stomping up the stairs and yelling, “You’re ruining my life MOM!”  before she slams her bedroom door.  And I cringe.  I don’t want to be that Mom.  Somehow that scenario plays out differently in my head if I’m Mama. 

We’re a pretty informal household.  Addie has nicknames for everyone.  Usually Mama is shortened to Ma.  Almost of her friends have nicknames.  Addie is not one to waste time on multiple syllables. Kennedy is “T”, Bella is Bell her cousin Bridget is Bid, our friend’s newborn baby Grace has already been dubbed Baby D.  Addie’s friends  Juliana and Anne-Marie are simply Ann.  Collectively; two people, one Ann.  I have started referring to them as “The Anns” for simplicity’s sake.  The exceptions to this rule of shortened monikers are Ollie, who she always calls by his full three syllable name, and her father who she refers to as “Addie’s Dada”.  When his car pulls in the driveway after work she runs screaming around the house, “Addie’s Dada home!  Addie’s Dada home!  Mama, it’s Addie’s Dada!”   Or if he, say, reads her a book, she is sure to clarify which Daddy was doing the reading, “Mama, Addie’s Dada read book.”

So, when Addie called me Mommy I didn’t acknowledge the sudden change.  I thought she’s forget about it and go back to Mama in no time.  When she woke up the following morning, instead of Mama or even Mommy, I was suddenly Meemaw. She tried that for half the day but was right back to that damn “Mommy” again.  When Scott came home from work tonight, he took her for a bike ride up to the park while I made dinner.  When she came home she ran in the house in yelling “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” and when she found me, she threw her arms around my neck for the type of hug you can only give out when you really mean it.  And I decided right then, squeezing my girl and smelling the fresh air in her hair, that I don’t so much care what she calls me as long as she always hugs me that tight.