Yesterday, we hosted a holiday playdate for a small group of Addie’s friends.  They all happened to be girls which was purely coincidental.  The idea was to decorate Christmas cookies and do a little holiday-themed craft. On Tuesday Addie and I baked all of the cookies we would need for our party.  We made gingerbread men and cut out sugar cookies.  It took FOREVER.  Hours.  We spent the entire morning making these cookies and spent no time doing the other things we needed to do around the house like cleaning and going to the grocery store.   I couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long to bake cut-out cookies from a pre-made roll of dough.  Then my helper got bored and went in the other room to play.  The baking moved along quickly after that (but wasn’t nearly as much fun).

As I was setting up for our big cookie party, Scott took Addie out to the mall and I went next door to pick up a kid’s table my awesome neighbor was letting me borrow.  Since she lives four doors down, and I drove so I could easily transport the table and chairs, I was gone for no more than 3 minutes.  4 minutes max.  When I returned home I walked in to find Oliver feasting on Gingerbread men.  You know those cookies that took me hours to make?  Gone in seconds!  Luckily he didn’t get hold of the sugar cookies, though I suspect those were next on his list.  There was nothing to be done about it and I don’t like gingerbread anyway.

As soon as her friends arrived Addison ran into the kitchen and was ready to get down to business with the cookies.  I was hoping to visit with the Moms for a few minutes and have a cup of coffee but Addie had other plans.  Playdates are for the kids, right?

Whose idea was it to let six toddlers loose with frosting and sprinkles anyway?  I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such a mess.  Next time, we’ll do this on a tarp.

Oliver had frosting in his fur and sprinkles in his eyebrows.  Addie had green feet from stepping on the sprinkles that covered the floor.  Little Sarah’s fingers looked like casts made from green sugar.  And Emma.  Sweet Emma, though her Mom came prepared with an apron, she managed to wipe her frosting covered hands on her shirt every time.  A few of the girls even ate their cookies.  Addie was not one of them – she was more into the sprinkles and frosting – but she did enjoy the decorating. 

After we finished with the cookies and made a few attempts at sweeping the floor, we called the girls back to the table to make some snowman frames.  This project was decidedly the less messy of the two.  It was a very fun day and we were glad to see our friends before everyone gets busy with the upcoming holiday week.  After our last friend left, Addie and Ollie both crashed despite all of the sugar.