• We had a rough week last week.  Addison’s fever lasted the entire week, we had to miss our friend’s birthday party and Addie went on a hunger strike agreeing to eat only popsicles and drink milk for SIX DAYS.  Oh, and she’s getting a molar.  Seven down, one to go.  We were finally able to venture out after a week-long (self-imposed) quarantine.  Which is good because if I had to watch Ratatouille (“Rat-ta-too!” Rat-ta-too!”) one more time I was going to take Addie to restaurant kitchen with real rats and let her see how that all works out in the end.
  • When your dog is dying manners fall by the wayside.  We don’t make Oliver work for his treats anymore.  There’s no holding it over his head until he sits or rolls over.  In fact, all he has to do is look at me with those huge brown eyes and I’m throwing him a chicken breast.  This has some negative side effects though because he’s starting to steal food right out of Addie’s hand.  He’ll just walk by her and grab the cracker, or apple slice or piece of cheese that she’s holding.  This sends Addie into hysterics because she apparently believes that he ate the last graham cracker on the face of the earth.  I used to get upset about that type of behavior from Oliver and reprimand him for it.  Now I just laugh and think, ‘Wow, I’m really going to miss you.’ 


  • For the first time in FOREVER I actually started my Christmas shopping early.  I found some sales back in August that were too good to pass up.  The rest I’ll be doing largely online because facing a mall with a toddler in December is not my idea of a good time.  If you haven’t checked out Amazon.com’s wishlist feature lately, do.  Not only can you make multiple lists to organize everyone on your own shopping list, you can download a little button to your favorites bar that let’s you add an item from any shopping site right to your amazon wish list.  It’s amazing!  I love that it let’s me save my shopping finds without having to search through the cluster of bookmarks on my computer.
  • Addison loves to read.  I read to her every day and I’ve been encouraging her to read on her own too.  This morning she grabbed a book and said, “Mama, Oliver read?” then she hopped in his bed and started reading to him. She even held up the book so he could see the pictures. No, this doesn’t break my heart at all!