I always go back and forth about whether or not to blog about the potty.  Mainly because I can’t imagine who would want to read about that crap (ha!).  I feel like this deserves a blog post though because, are you ready?  Addie is potty trained!  My 2 year, 2 week, 6 day old is 100% potty trained.  Potty trained as in we leave the house without a diaper.  Potty trained as in I haven’t purchased a package of diapers in over a month!  Sorry Luvs.  Potty trained as in it’s been 13 days since her last accident.  I feel like we should have one of those signs in the bathroom like they have in factories and warehouses.

We introduced the potty early.  At Addie’s 15 month appointment her  doctor said we should start thinking about the potty soon.  I was glad to hear that because we already bought a potty and had it set up in the half bath.  I tend to be a bit overzealous when it comes to shopping for new gadgets.  Can a potty be considered a gadget?

Addie was all into it for a while and then nothing.  She didn’t want to do anything on the potty, not even sit on it.  She would throw herself on the floor whining at the mere mention of the potty.  And then came the M&M’s.  I bought a bag of M&M’s thinking I would give her one as a reward if it would get her bum on the potty again.  Well, it worked and not only was she sitting on it, she was using it as intended.  I couldn’t believe that actually worked.  I laughed to myself a bit that she fell for it.  I mean, she had been fighting me for weeks and then she suddenly gives in over a piece of chocolate? 

Now there are critics who will tell you not to use candy as a reward.  There are critics who will tell you not to do just about anything.  I say, find what works for you and do it!  Sticker chart?  Elmo undies?  Special song and potty dance?  Letting them flush the toilet?

A few days after introducing the M&Ms Addie started running into the bathroom to pee a teeny tiny bit and then she would run out asking for an M&M.  Then she would run back in the bathroom and pee a teeny tiny bit more and run out asking for yet another M&M.  She was working the system and in two days she had me trained to give her candy whenever she wanted.  That’s cool.  It beats changing diapers.