Good days and bad days.  That’s what the vet told us we could expect for the rest of Ollie’s life.  Yesterday was a bad day.

Yesterday Oliver didn’t hop out of bed when I got up to start the day.  Yesterday his lymph nodes were swollen at least three times larger than they have been to date.  Yesterday Ollie wasn’t acting like himself; he was having trouble breathing and eating at the same time.    Yesterday was a reminder of how few days Oliver has left with us.

Yesterday was a bad day. 

After a call to the vet and an adjustment in his meds, Ollie was feeling better in the afternoon.  Addison, on the other hand, had a runny nose.  She stopped what she was doing every 7 minutes to yell, “EEEHHHH!  Mama!  Nose!  IT HURTS!!!”  I would wipe her nose, she would go back to playing and we would repeat the whole exchange in just seven short minutes.  All day long.  Bad day.

When Scott walked in the door from work and found us wallowing in our bad day he said, “Get in the car we’re going to the park.”  And we did.  All four of us hopped into the car and went to the park.  Addie ran around the playground and didn’t scream about her nose once.  Ollie, who earlier in the day wouldn’t get off of his bed, pulled me for a long walk as he trailed the scent of some dog that had passed by earlier.  It was exactly what we all needed.

When we returned home and I called Addie to the table for dinner, she was suddenly cranky and told me she wanted to lay on the couch and drink her milk.  I touched her head and she was burning up.  Her temperature was 103.5.  Not an hour earlier, she was climbing the slide at the playground.  We threw her in the bathtub, gave her Tylenol and made sure her fever had come down before she went to bed.  Scott checked on her around midnight and found that her fever was back.  He woke her to take some Tylenol and give her a drink of milk.  For those of you, like me, who may have wondered if you’ll be able to tell the difference between spit-up and vomit?  You’ll know.  You never realize just how large a quantity 8 oz of milk is until it’s regurgitated all over your couch.  Also, a little parenting tip for those of you, like me, who may be tempted to take a sleep-aid on a night when you kid has a 103 fever?  Don’t do it.  There will be some late night emergency that requires your full attention.  Yesterday was a bad day.

Addie’s fever is down but she’s exhausted and her runny nose is driving her crazy.  The irony?  Today is one of Ollie’s good days.  You can’t win them all.