Last weekend our good friend Nicole agreed to take pictures of our family.  I had talked to her about it in the spring, but I pushed it to the back burner and sort of forgot about it.  Actually, I had a million excuses in my head why it wasn’t a good time to take pictures.



When we heard Ollie’s diagnosis it suddenly became urgent that we capture our family in this moment.  It’s probably not the first thing most people think of when they find out their dog is terminally ill, but we have no photos of the four of us together. 



It was also important to take these pictures before Ollie gets sick.  I didn’t want to be holding him up.  I didn’t want him to be laying there complying only because he’s too weak to move.  I wanted to get photos taken before playing in the park becomes a chore for Oliver instead of something he loves.  As an added bonus, she got some pretty great shots of Addie too.



Ollie and Addie had a great time running around the park even if we did have to bribe them with chicken sticks and M&M’s (respectively) when it came time to snap a photo.  I am so grateful to have these images that capture my family while it’s still whole.