Ollie is at the vet for his biopsy for most of the day and the house is too quiet without him.  Even with Scott home from work and Addison’s demands the house seems empty without his presence.  I decided that instead of sitting here thinking about what’s missing, I would get out of the house early this morning to pick up some supplies for Addison’s birthday party.

I reluctantly headed to Wal-Mart, having been through the Halloween aisles of Target more times than I care to admit.  I found a some cute activity books for the party favor bags and headed out.  While I was wrangling Addie into the car and she was screaming something  about a cracker (yes, a cracker) Scott called with an update on Oliver.  I was trying to talk to Scott and get my little octopus buckled into her seat at the same time.  Mission accomplished.  I got in the car and drove off.  I made it across the street when I realized that my purse was not sitting on the passenger seat in it’s usual spot.  I hopped out to check the cargo area – nope – not there either.  I jumped in the car and sped back over to Wal-Mart.  Three, four minutes tops had passed since I pulled away.  I went right back to my parking spot – still empty! – but the purse was gone.  GONE!

Some low-life scumbag took my purse right out of the carriage.  Couldn’t have taken what they wanted ($7?) and left it.  Couldn’t have turned it in to customer service.  No, they took it.  I hope they enjoy my $7 and my favorite headband and my Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker.  Ugh…and my new hoop earrings.  I hope they choke on Addison’s graham crackers. 

The credit card companies have been notified but I’m steaming mad.  Would anyone like to come over and kick me in the shins?  Pull Addie’s pigtails?  Break in and steal my wedding albums? 

This is not my week.