Last Friday Addison and I met some friends in the park to take pictures.  We planned this little outing for early in the morning because it’s summer and this is Texas.  I feel like that’s all I talk about on this blog ( Hi!  It’s summer. did I mention we live just south of Hades?  It’s really hot here!) .


Planning activities around the heat is a large part of how I’ve spent every single day since May.  I’m so grateful that it’s September.  The high here yesterday was only 90.  I totally want to make out with September.


We planned our photo shoot for early in the morning and dragged our babies to the park to take some pictures with our ridiculous point & shoot cameras.  We’re Mom’s and the lack of  a DSLR can’t stop us from photographing our babies.  Though, my first purchase when I win the lottery will be a fancy camera.


We’ve had some technical difficulties around our house this summer.  Without boring you with the details, I’ll just say that getting pictures or video from my camera and onto a usable computer in a usable format has been rather daunting.   So daunting, that I’ve just stopped taking pictures altogether because the 47 steps I need to take to do anything with the files are so ridiculous.  Really.  That’s no excuse to stop documenting Addie’s growth.  When she is 34 years old she’s going to want to know what she looked like and what she was doing between the ages of 18-22 months.   Hardware problems be damned!  At least that’s what I tell myself.


Even though we were at the park early to take advantage of the cool temperatures and the morning light, it was still HOT.  We were sweaty and our babies were sweaty. I didn’t think to bring any toys so Addison would, I don’t know, enjoy herself.  It was hard coaxing a smile out of her.


She was pretty happy when I was taking her picture on the rocks and she JUMPED INTO THE POND.  Oh, and it was landscaping day, so there were riding mowers zipping around us and grass clippings flying everywhere.  Both of the kids broke out into rashes.  Oy!


We agreed that real photographers have a rough job.  Especially real photographers who live near us, just south of Hades.  Of the 225 pictures I took that morning I think there were 15 that were worth saving.  Not a great percentage, but even one good photo is worth it.