Just over seven months has passed since Oliver’s stroke and his recovery is still underway.  We stopped taking him to physical therapy eight weeks ago.  It wasn’t a conscious decision; Ollie had hurt his foot while out on a walk and we took a week off .  By the time he healed life got in the way and we just never went back.  Even without weekly therapy sessions Ollie continues to get stronger and build his stamina.

He is not back to 100%, and to be realistic we don’t ever think he will be.  He still walks with a bit of a limp and drags his foot when he gets lazy or tired.  His hind legs still sag if he’s standing for too long and he can’t make quick turns without falling.  He’s a young dog now but I can’t help wondering how this will affect him when he’s ten and his hips start hurting from the wear of age.  Will he be able to walk up the stairs?  Will he still be able to go for walks with us or chase his ball?

Those thoughts aren’t constructive though, because there’s nothing to do about it.  There’s no surgery to fix him.  He’s adapted so well to living with his condition that I don’t believe he understands that there’s anything wrong with him.  For now, he’s happy and enjoying life.  Really, what more could a dog ask for?