My last post was written on the second day of our trip.  I should have never talked about how well Addison was sleeping because as soon as I hit “publish” on that post and sent those thoughts out into the interwebs Addie decided she wasn’t so crazy about sleeping after all.  In fact, she suddenly needed less and less sleep every day which meant  progressively earlier wake up calls each morning.  I’m using the term “morning” loosely here because by the Friday after that post was written, Addison woke up at 3:40.  That’s AM.  Eastern Time.  Ready to start her day.

Sleep deprivation is a really awful form of torture.  It’s something that new parents are forced into for weeks after a new baby comes home.  It’s something that made the first few months of Addison’s life so difficult.  If I’m ever captured by enemy forces and tortured until I give up some information,  I will politely ask for the water boarding over the sleep deprivation.  It probably wouldn’t be an issue though because I would totally talk.  But Addie wasn’t sleep deprived, she would take long luxurious naps and catch up on sleep every time we got in the car.  Every night I would put her to bed and think, Wow, I should probably get some sleep too. And then I would decided that, No, she was up so early and had such a busy day, she’ll probably sleep ’til noon tomorrow. I guess I’m an optimist and also, I underestimate Addison’s love for late night episodes of Dora.

Addison got very comfortable with waking up in the middle of the night and getting immediate attention.  It’s not that we ignore her in the middle of the night at home, it’s just that at home we’ll usually try to let her work it out on her own for a few minutes before rushing in.  It’s really hard to do that in someone else’s home when people are sleeping peacefully.

Yesterday morning Addison was playing in the living room with Sesame Street on TV in the background.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes and talking on the phone when I realized I hadn’t heard a peep from her in quite some time.  I could see her though, and it looked like she was drawing on her Magna Doodle.  As I got closer I realized that she had passed out in the middle of drawing a circle.  I carried her up to her bed where she slept for over three hours.  THREE HOURS.  That kind of nap is unheard of in this house.  A myth.  Like Bigfoot; you want to believe it exists, other people claim to have seen it but there’s no scientific evidence to support it.  It wasn’t even nap time.  All of the excitement, the late nights and the early mornings, were finally over and she just crashed.  She had a lot of catching up to do.