We took Addie to her first baseball game this weekend.  And how better to introduce her to the sport than with a Houston Astros/Pittsburgh Pirates game at Minute Maid Park?  We had great seats for the game which were wholly and completely wasted on Addison.  We were up in the balcony behind home plate in the first row.


This was also Addie’s first introduction to her fear of heights.  Apparently she does take after her Mama.  When we got to our seats Addie spent ten minutes being passed back and forth between me and Scott, gripping our shirts tightly and barely looking over her shoulder at the game below.   She let go long enough only to transfer her grip to the railing and peek over the side.  I decided that this wasn’t much fun for any of us, so I gave Addie some sugar and took her to explore the park.


We spent a lot of time window shopping at the grossly over priced souvenir shops.  Addison was pretty inrtigued with checking out the views of the city from so high up.


Or it could be that she was just really content with her lollipop.  It’s a special treat that she doesn’t get very often and I think she was a little worried that it would disappear.



After Addie finished her calls, we went back into the park, this time forgoing our assigned seats in favor of the empty wheelchair accessible area in our section.  This gave Addie more room to walk around and she wasn’t forced to be so close to the railing.  We were much happier up here and Addie really started to embrace the sport.  Every time the crowd cheered Addie threw up her arms and did a little victory dance.



We made our way downstairs to walk around during the 7th inning and caught a little bit of the game from ground level.  Addison, in the only way she knows how, told us that she had pretty much had enough of this day.  She willingly handed over the last of her lollipop and put her head down on her Dad’s shoulder; the universal signal that it’s time to go.