Addie’s Nana came to visit a few weeks ago and while she was here, spoiling Addie rotten, we took a trip to the Children’s Museum in Houston.  Addie and I hadn’t attempted a Children’s Museum visit in quite some time.  In fact, the last time we went was when my Mom was in town.  We drove all the way into the city just to find that the Tot Spot attraction was closed for renovations.  I was so annoyed.

Previously, the Tot Spot was the only thing in the Children’s Museum worth visiting for Addie.  Everything else was way over her head and geared toward big kids.  The Tot Spot had toddler ages toys and activities and was a perfect place for Addie to explore without getting trampled.

This was our first visit to the Children’s Museum since their re-opening and I didn’t know what to expect.  Actually, I didn’t expect anything, really.  I figured that they would have renovated the other attractions and kept the little Tot Spot as is. As we made our way to the new Tot Spot (upstairs now) we walked into what I can only describe as Main Street USA for kids.  On either side of the “road” there are businesses for the kids explore.  There’s a restaurant, a veterinary office, city hall, a bank (complete with ATM) and, Addison’s favorite, a supermarket.


Addie had a blast shopping for groceries.  This confuses me because our recent excursions to the market are anything but fun.  They’re usually filled with whining and tears and threats to jump out of the carriage.



After the store was taken over by a school field trip we finally coaxed her out of it and made our way towards the elevator to the tot spot.  Or, I carried her kicking and screaming.  Whichever.


She forgot all about those plastic mangoes when we got off the elevator upstairs.  This new Tot Spot is much bigger with lots of different areas for toddlers to explore.  Of course, Addison being Addison, she kept getting drawn back to the infant area and toys that she has (and never plays with!) at home.




If I had known just how much fun Addie would have at the museum I would have planned better so that we could have stayed longer.  About two hours was our limit on this day.  We ran up against nap and lunch time and we didn’t really get a chance to explore everything.  Before we left though, Addie’s Nana bought her a membership so we are looking forward to spending many hot summer afternoons exploring the museum.