I haven’t posted anything about Oliver in a while because there hasn’t been a whole lot to report.  When we found his hernia we started to scale back his at home therapy program for his spinal cord injury and we reduced his rehab sessions at the hospital to once a week.   I felt like we were stuck in a holding pattern; we wanted Oliver’s legs to get better, but we also really wanted to avoid surgery on the hernia.  Then people started asking me about Oliver in the strangest places; at Gymboree, the bookstore, and even at my sister’s dance studio in Rhode Island (Hi Donna!) so I thought this would be a good time for an update.

Ollie’s physical therapist has been keeping an eye on the hernia and let us know that it’s (finally) shrinking.  It’s now about half the size that it was when we found it back in mid-March.  We took this as a good sign and started working with him more at home.  Over the past three weeks Ollie has made huge improvements in his recovery thanks in large part to all of the work that Scott has been doing with him at home coupled with his therapy at the hospital.  My working with Oliver really just involves letting Addie run around the yard with his ball in a game of  fetch-lite.  I can’t take any of the credit.  In the past week Oliver has started climbing the stairs without any assistance.  He has also regained 5 of the almost 10 pounds he lost and the muscles in his right hind leg are noticeably larger.

I’ve been taking Oliver to and from his therapy appointments every week for five months and I’ve never seen him working out.  For all I know, he could be taking a nap back there.  So this week I asked if I could watch him in the tank doing his hydrotherapy.  I’ve never asked before because I thought they would say no.  They were actually really cool about it.  And you know I had my Flip camera with me.  I didn’t ask if I could take video but they were cool about that too and even offered to shoot up close for me.