We spent this Mother’s Day relaxing at home.  It was a welcome change from the chaos of the past few weeks.  Scott bought my favorite bagels for breakfast and I lounged around in my most comfortable yoga pants drinking home brewed Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  Scott and Addie also gave me  great gift: a Flip Video Camera.  I love this camera.  It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys taking pictures and video of their kids (who doesn’t?).  Hospital’s should be handing these out in Labor and Delivery and adding it to the tab between the epidural and the mesh underwear.

The camera is exactly the same size as my cell phone, but it’s lighter, and takes 60 minutes of HD video.  It’s not fussy or complicated; it has a giant red button on the back that you press to record.  I really don’t know how it could be any easier.  It has a built in USB, so videos download as soon as you plug it in to your computer and you can turn around and upload them to a YouTube account automatically.

For the past two days I’ve been walking around the house taking video of absolutely nothing.  The first video I shot was of the back of Addison’s head watching Lilo & Stitch just because I wanted to see what the non-HD image on the TV screen would look like in HD (answer: still looks like crap).  I take videos just to take them and I carry this little camera everywhere.  It’s no different than carrying my cell phone except the camera’s battery actually holds a charge.

I can’t say enough good things about it.  Apparently there’s a way to capture still images from videos, but I’m not there yet.