Addie has been a frequent attendee of Gymboree’s Open Gym for almost a year now.  Four days a week for 2 hours a day Gymboree opens it’s doors to the public and for $5.00 any toddler can run wild, jump around on the mats and climb the gym equipment.  It’s free to kids enrolled in a program.   I’ve been reluctant to enroll Addison into a class at Gymboree because keeping appointments is a skill that has eluded me for the past 17 months.  To be honest, the thought of having to be at a certain place for a certain time every week is just too much. We’ve been happy to pop in and play at Gymboree any time we please.   It works for us.

But it was time.  We decided that Addison has reached an age where she could use a little more structured time with other kids.  Since we go to Open Gym all the time, I decided to sign Addie up for the music class.  She’s really interested in music and movement lately so I thought a music class would be perfect.  Scott and I took Addie to her trial class last Saturday morning.  When we walked in she immediately ran into the gym because that’s what we do when we get to Gymboree.  Except we weren’t there for gym, we were there for music.  In the little room off to the side.  The room without the colored mats and the climbing and the jumping.

Addie was not having any of it.  She clung to me for her life, sobbing, with her head buried in my chest.  She would barely look up.  She didn’t even perk up when we started dancing to ABBA with pink and green chiffon scarves.  Scott, pink scarves and  ABBA all in the same room and the kid didn’t even crack a smile.  Has she no sense of irony?  I was torn between not wanting to seem rude by walking out of someone’s class and removing my child from a situation that was inexplicably terrifying to her.  We had to remove her from the class after only a few minutes because her hysterics escalated to the point that the other children were too engrossed with the train wreck in my arms to twirl with their scarves.  The director was nice enough to let her run around in the gym for a bit before we left, and I signed her up to preview a gym class.

We attended that gym class this morning and this one was much more Addison’s speed.  There were no tears and no finger nails digging in my shoulders.  In fact, Addison hardly realized there was a class going on.  She just ran around and occasionally, watched from the sidelines when the kids all got together for an activity.  So really, it was just like Open Gym only more expensive and we have to be there on time.