…because it’s been a while.

  • The other night I had to take Oliver outside before bed.  I stepped into my shoe and felt a crunch under my toes which I immediately thought was a cockroach.  It was actually 4 Goldfish Crackers.  This morning, I rounded the corner to find Addie perched over my shoe with an upended cup of water.  This is not how I pictured her interest in shoes panning out.  Also?  We’ll be sticking to sippy cups for a while longer.
  • This weekend is Easter and the Easter Bunny may or may not have gone a little bit overboard on Addison’s Easter basket.  In the Easter Bunny’s defense, she started collecting items for the Easter Basket back in January.  Actually, this stuff isn’t going to fit into a basket so creative suggestions are welcome.  Besides, Addie didn’t get an Easter Basket last year, so this will make up for lost time.
  • Addison is cutting 3 teeth right now which brings the tooth total to 15.  This month also marks exactly one year that she’s been teething.  I feel like it will never end.  But it will, and soon I would guess, because there’s not a whole lot of room left in her mouth.
  • Addison and I are flying home to New England at the end of the month.  Addison is flying as a lap baby.  She’ll be 18 months old that week.  I’ve officially lost my mind.
  • And a picture, because she’s getting too big for her own good: