On Friday evening after a nice day of shopping, but a seemingly endless afternoon of worrying at the vet’s office, my friend Christy came over with a bottle of wine.  Sometimes Mommy’s need play dates too.  Oh, and she brought her super cute son Luke with her.  Luke and Addie get along great. Luke is 5 years old so 17 month old Addie thinks he is the coolest little person she’s ever seen.  She spends most of her time staring at him and smiling just waiting to see what crazy thing he’ll do next.  And this is cool with Luke because Addie doesn’t argue with him or steal his toys.  It’s really the perfect friendship.

Here’s a video of Addie and Luke burning off some energy before bed time.  As you can see, Addie can’t take her eyes off of him long enough to…walk.

It’s short, but you really must watch it until the end.