And I mean that in the nicest possible way.  It’s one of my favorite Irish sayings. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, internet.

One year ago:  Sláinte

I can barely stand to look at these pictures from my favorite holiday last year.  Addie could barely hold herself up.  She was so much easier to photograph back then. She couldn’t run away from my lens.

She was so delectably chubby.  So bald and neckless.  So rolly.   I wish Oliver hadn’t eaten that green feather boa.

But we still have the sparkly green hat.  This hat was the best dollar I’ve ever spent on a toy for Addison.  She still plays with this hat every day.


She runs around the house blindly with the hat hanging over her eyes, she throws it like a frisbee through the living room and kicks it across the hardwood floor.  I should have bought two.


And here’s my little lass just one short year later.  No longer suitable for naked baby pictures.  No longer immobile.  And no longer subsisting on mashed bananas.


Where did that neck come from?  I know for sure that she did  not have any sort of a neck last year.  I have photographic evidence.


What a difference a year makes.  Today Addison will get to celebrate her first proper Saint Patrick’s day.  This year she’ll actually be able to drink the beer eat the corned beef.