Addison’s pediatrician said that this would be a good age to start using time-out as a form of discipline.  Since Addie never sits still, we cleaned out this cupboard in the kitchen to use as a time out space.


Just kidding!  We use the cupboard under the stairs for that.

Still kidding.  Seriously.  Addison laughs in the face of time out.

When we moved into our house it took weeks for me to find the perfect trashcan for our kitchen.  I just HAD to have a certain trashcan.  I don’t know why this was a big deal to me, but the trashcan was pretty and I thought it would look good in my kitchen so, even though it was ridiculously overpriced, I bought it.  And then once we started using it, I realized it wasn’t so great and the hinge scratched my wall.  I also began to resent having to buy special bags for it.


And then came Addie.  Once Addison was mobile, one of the first places she headed was for that shiny trashcan.  She would pull herself up to her feet using the can for balance.  Once she was tall enough, she would open the lid.  After a while, she figured out there were lots of fun things in there (fun is all relative) to take out and toss about the kitchen.  Less than a year after Addison’s arrival the trashcan was relegated to the garage.  It stands there today, just outside of my car door, and is piled with books and the errant baby toy or toddler sock that has lost it’s match somewhere under the seats of our SUV.


Because we can’t have a normal trashcan in our house like normal people, Scott found a solution; a pullout trashcan that lives under the cupboard.  Now, the trash goes into the cupboard and the cupboard is protected by a safety latch and Addison can no longer climb into te garbage and throw trash about the kitchen.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.  I wish they made these for doggie bowls.