Potty training is something I promised myself I would never blog about.  Don’t worry, I won’t post pictures of her sitting on the can or – ew – posing next to her first poop a la Jon and Kate + 8.  But apparently I’m not above describing the whole process.

We bought Addie a potty three weeks ago.  She’s only 15  months old so we thought is was a bit early, but there’s no harm in just having it around.  It’s not like we were planning to stop buying Pampers anytime soon.  Our pediatrician told us that this was actually a good age to introduce the potty without a lot of pressure.

We put the pretty pink potty in our bathroom and would let Addie sit on it while we were in there.  We started introducing the terminology so she knew what it was and could identify it.  I’ll hand her toilet paper while she sits there which, up until a few days ago, she used to blow her nose.  We’ve been taking it really slow.  Partially because we don’t want to scare her and make her resistant to potty training and partially because I have no desire for her to grow up.  If I could get away with swaddling her right now, I totally would.

So this morning when she interrupted her coloring session and ran over to the bathroom door, I thought she just wanted to play with the toilet paper.  I opened the door and she immediately sat on her potty.  I took her diaper off and seconds later I heard a little tinkle.  Addie stood up and turned around to inspect her work but her concentration was broken by me jumping up and down squealing.  I never in my life thought I would be so happy about another human being’s bladder function.