Oliver’s legs are getting stronger every day.  Sometimes, when he gets going, it’s like he was never injured in the first place.  Yesterday he was so excited when I picked up his ball that he practically sprinted across the yard to me.  He didn’t fall, or drag his hind leg like he was doing just a week ago.  Of course, by the end of the day he’s exhausted.  He starts dragging his right leg and his hind quarters droop to the floor.  But that doesn’t stop him from following me around the kitchen while I do dishes or sweep or perform some other mundane task that will not in any way result in him getting food.  It’s infuriating because he’s obviously tired but just will not lay down and rest.  He’s always afraid he’s missing out on something.

Even though he’s getting stronger, there’s still a noticeable difference in the muscle tone between his left and right legs.  His right leg feels like a fur coat on a hanger.  There’s very little muscle.  We’re still taking him to hydrotherapy to help build that up and will continue with that regimen for as long as we’re seeing consistent improvement.