Today marks day 15 of Addison being sick.  This is the beginning of week number three.  It started with a runny nose which I shrugged off as a side effect of teething when I saw that one of Addie’s upper molars was poking through.  She was acting fine, I just had to constantly wipe her nose.   And, of course, I wouldn’t take her out to any of our usual toddler haunts because, well, that’s rude.  Yes, plenty of people drag their sick babies to story time or Gymboree, but I am not one of them.  And when I see another child on the playground next to mine coughing and wiping his nose on his sleeve, it makes that little vein in my neck pop out and I have to leave immediately.

I think my phobia of toddler germs goes back to Addison’s early days when her pediatrician told me to keep her quarantined for the first eight weeks of her life.  When I finally decided to emerge from the cave and start venturing out into the world I took Addison to the gym daycare where I read a magazine on the elliptical for 9 minutes and then took a long, uninterrupted shower.  I returned to the daycare to retrieve my tiny, sleeping angel and found a little girl strapping her baby doll into Addison’s car seat.  When she looked up at me and pushed her hair out of her face, I was horrified to see her nose running right off her chin.   Who in their right mind would drop their child off to play with  other children like that?  The owner of the gym is who.  That resulted in Addison’s very first illness.  We didn’t go back there for a long time and by the time we did, Addie was deep into her stranger anxiety phase and it was too late for us.

Last week, after 7 days of  a continuously runny nose, Addison’s right eye started watering.  The next morning she developed a cough.   When I picked her up from her crib last Thursday morning and felt her chest rattling every time she took a breath, I knew it was time to see the doctor.  It was probably beyond time to see the doctor but when you’re dealing with little kid germs you’re always thinking they’re almost over it.  At least, when she was sick last month she got over it in about a week.  Oh, and in December too. And that little case of the sniffles she had right before Thanksgiving?  Gone in 5 days.   So, we have some experience with this.  I don’t want to be the alarmist parent who rushes their kid to Urgent Care over a stuffy nose only to have the nurses roll their eyes at me and tell me to get a humidifier.

Unfortunately, this month’s sickness landed smack in the middle of the week that Addison’s cousin Bridget came to town to visit.  Addison was fine for the first half of Bridget’s trip, but the last few days  she has been miserable.  I think she’s just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This picture pretty much sums up the last few days in Addie Baby’s world:


This cold is still hanging around even after four days of antibiotics.  Addison’s stuffy nose wakes her up insanely early each morning.  She’s also refusing to eat so I’ve been spiking her milk with drinkable yogurt, which is pretty much the greatest invention for babies ever.   Addison has been switching off between being giddy with excitement over having her cousin here to play with her, and following us around this house sobbing because she’s sick.  Poor girl.  I’m hopeful that this is the last illness we see for this cold season.  Damn me and my optimism.  I say that every month.