We celebrated this year’s Superbowl by going to our friend Hank’s house on the other side of town.  I’m sure Scott will agree that it was almost like being home in Pittsburgh for the game except with much better weather.  And he was the only one rooting for the Steelers.


Before we left the house that afternoon I went into Addie’s closet to get a spare set of clothes.  It seems like can’t go anywhere lately without Addie upending an entire cup of water on herself or smearing cheese on her belly.  Luckily, we’re never more than a few miles from home, but I figured that a trip across town warranted an emergency supply of clothes.  In her closet was an outfit that her Uncle Michael and Aunt Sandy sent when she was born.


At the time, I looked at it and thought it was so big she wouldn’t be wearing it until she shoved off to kindergarten.   When you’re holding an 8 pound newborn it’s hard to visualize them wearing anything but a swaddling blanket and knit cap.  Here we are 15 months later and the Steelers are in the Superbowl and Addie’s Steeler’s outfit fits (almost)!  She still has room to grow in it, so I think we may be able to pull it off at the start of next season.


I think this was one of my favorite Super Bowl’s ever.  There were lots of babies for Addie to play with and lots of good friends to visit with.  And, of course, lots of Sangria.  Addie spent most of the day doing laps around the house and terrorizing the animals.  So, pretty much exactly what she does at home, but this was way more fun because it was at someone else’s house.


One of Addison’s favorite activities these days is being chased.  Everything requires a chase.  If I say, “Addison, come get your diaper changed” she looks at me and smiles and runs into the other room.  If I say, “Addison, come to the table for dinner” she runs squealing around the kitchen island until I catch her.  And she’s fast.  Apparently, it’s fun no matter who is doing the chasing.  Here’s a cute vieo of Addison being chased by Lefty because she has a piece of cheese in her hand.  I may need to schedule a play date with Lefty soon.