Oliver had another therapy appointment on Wednesday.  It should have been his second visit of the week but Monday’s appointment was canceled because he was…sick.   Last week they took Ollie out of the harness while he was in the tank and he did a good job of supporting himself, though he tired very quickly.

After Wednesday’s session I spoke to his physical therapist.  She said that while Oliver has been making slow, steady progress, there wasn’t a lot of improvement between last week and Wednesday.  She also measured him for a boot to help keep his foot in the right position.  I don’t remember the medical that she used, but she basically told me that Oliver has no idea where he is placing his right leg.  That’s why it’s always curled under, or sticking way out to the side, or crossing his other foot.

Even though hasn’t been any measurable progress at therapy, we’ve definitely noticed some at home.  Oliver is done laying around and he’s back to following us all over the house.  He’s just a little slower.  Because he can’t control his leg to properly place his foot, his right paw is always curled under and his toes drag on the floor.  The top of his paw now has a sheen to it.  Almost as if it were waxed.

Here are a few videos of Oliver from last night; 15 days after his stroke.  In them you can see not only how Oliver is getting around the house these days, but how happy he is to be doing it.