Among the gifts that Addison received for Christmas was a Magna Doodle.  Actually, she got two Magna Doodles.  Plus a mini-Magna Doodle, so I guess that makes three.  Scott and I love drawing on the Magna Doodle with Addison.  Every time we write something on the screen, Addie quickly grabs the pen from our hand and scribbles over it.  And then she laughs.  She’s a bit of a Magna Doodle bully.

This toy has been great for Addie because since she started playing with it she’s learned how to hold a writing utensil and gets a lot of practice making shapes and lines.  She’ll often try to draw on her hand the same way she draws on the screen and seems confused when nothing shows up.  Now, every time she sees me writing a shopping list she screams for my paper and pen. She is much more interested in writing and drawing lately.  One my favorite finds ever at Ikea is a huge roll of drawing paper.   I decided it was time to get this kid some crayons so she could color.  We had some markers, but Addison wasn’t interested in drawing on anything but her tongue with them.


When I came home with the crayons on Sunday night Scott said, “Are those washable crayons?”  And it took everything in my being not to roll my eyes and sigh before answering, “I don’t know.  Aren’t all crayons washable?  Why would we even need washable crayons?”  He said, “Well, in case Addie starts walking around the house coloring on things.”  To which I flippantly replied, “She’s not going to be walking around the house with crayons, Scott.  She’s going to use them at the table.  Strapped into her highchair.” Gah!  He simply raised his eyebrows and nodded in the smug way that people do when they’re preparing an ‘I told you so’ speech in their head.


I could not have made that crayon purchase at a better time because yesterday was the Day the Poop Came.    I needed something to keep Addison occupied while I dealt with other crap.  (Man, feces references never get old.)  I strapped her into her high chair and stuck a piece of drawing paper on the table to keep her occupied while I took Oliver outside.


Once I had Oliver settled back in his bed, all clean,  Addie was bored with coloring at the table I set her free to play with her toys in the living room.  She had been playing a little too quietly while I was on the phone and I looked over to find her crouched on the living room floor, red crayon in one hand, blue crayon in the other, scribbling furiously on the wooden legs of her abacus.  Oops.

It wiped right off.  I guess they are washable crayons after all.