Oliver will stand unassisted…

Ollie goes in for another round of Hydrotherapy today.  After his appointment on Wednesday the therapist said he was moving both hind legs in the tank – the left leg (his good leg) more than the right.  She was very pleased progress after only one week.

Ollie also has a crush on a dog he met at the therapist’s office.  She’s 12.  A yellow lab.  He likes older blondes, apparently.  All of his human friends in the therapy department got a big kick out of Ollie showing off for this lab and trying to get her attention.  She paid him no mind though, and when she walked out the door he started crying.  My poor, heartbroken pup.

Addie Baby and I are going a little stir crazy.  We haven’t gone out all week except to bring Oliver to the doctor on Wednesday.  I’m just not ready to leave him alone yet.  Hopefully next week.  Right now I can’t go upstairs without him crying and trying to drag himself over to the stairs.  I’m worried that if I leave him alone he’ll try to run around the house looking for us and end up hurting himself.    We’ve had lots of visitors this past week though, which has been nice.  It breaks up the day for Addie when she friends come over to play.  This weekend I’m going to take full advantage of Scott being home and get Addie out to do lots of fun stuff.