We spent what feels like the entire weekend trying to get Oliver to go to the bathroom.  This is the only frustrating part of this whole situation.  I don’t mind having to move him from room to room, or hold him up while he eats dinner, and I don’t mind having to hold his butt in a sling while he walks around the yard, but I’m inept at bladder expression.  I admit defeat.    Warning:  I’m going to write about dog poop. On Sunday while Ollie was doing his business in the yard I saw some long, white, foreign object exiting along with everything else.  At first I thought it was a baby wipe, or some food packaging, because Oliver is not above eating, well, anything, when he’s bored.  It didn’t really matter what it was because it came out the other end and he was obviously fine.  We’ve found whole socks while cleaning up excrement in the yard so this shouldn’t really matter.  Except it did matter to me, because Oliver had spent a few nights away from home in the hospital.  I wanted to know what in the world they were feeding him besides the good quality food we had sent.  So I did what any other nosy, insane person would do and I rinsed it off with the hose.  It turns out the foreign object was part of a latex exam glove.  A large part of it.  That begs the question; Where is the rest of the damn glove?  I didn’t know whether to laugh or be furious.   How did he even get hold of a glove?  Did he eat it off someone’s hand?  The dog is paralyzed.  PARALYZED!  Don’t tell me he ran over to the trash can and started rummaging.  And I know he didn’t jump up on any counters to tear apart a box of latex exam gloves.  Where was that glove left that my paralyzed dog could get hold of it and eat it before anyone noticed? /poop

Yesterday Ollie made a trip back to the land of latex gloves for this third round of hydrotherapy.  In hydrotherapy the dog is placed in a tank with a treadmill for a floor and the tank is filled with water to the dog’s chest and then the treadmill starts.  With partially paralyzed dogs, like Ollie, they will sometimes reflexively start moving their legs just to keep up with the treadmill.  On Thursday, Oliver didn’t do that at all.  On Friday, he moved is left leg.  Yesterday he moved both.  So even though we sit here looking at our immobile dog, worried about him because he’s unable to get up for a drink of water or pee by himself, we can’t deny that this is real progress.  On Thursday we were told that he had no tail function.  On Friday night he wagged it.  By Sunday his tail was thunking all over the place.  Progress.   Oliver went from losing function in his entire back end, to exerting pressure in his left hind leg, to trying to move his left hind leg.  These videos were taken yesterday afternoon.  You can see Ollie trying to move his left leg.  By bed time last night, he was practically hopping on it.  Progress.