Oliver is coming home today.

I hit ‘publish’ on my last post while my home phone and cell phone were simultaneously ringing and Addison was throwing a fit at my feet over me trying to wrangle the cell phone out of her sticky little hands.  This morning’s post actually took me about 3 hours to write because I’m having a colossally difficult morning with Addison.  Ordinarily, I would just sit at the breakfast table with my lap top and blog while Addison eats her meal.  Multi-tasking, as we like to call it.  Today there was no sitting and eating a meal.  Today there was temper tantrum after temper tantrum.  I never realized just how much Ollie and Addie play together until he’s not here to play with her.  I also never realized just how much of Addison’s food ends up on the kitchen floor until Oliver’s not here to “catch” it.  I think Addison is bored of me being the only living thing in the house and misses her pup.

Scott called with the good news after speaking to Oliver’s doctor this morning.  He will have another round of hydrotherapy today and we will pick him up at 3:30 this afternoon.  We were hoping for this anyway.  After seeing him yesterday and hearing that he wouldn’t be receiving any therapy over the weekend other than just stretching and leg exercises, we thought that maybe that was something we could handle on our own.  Our only issue is helping him go to the bathroom, and apparently that’s something they’re going to show us how to do.  Yikes. They’re also going to send us home with a sling to help Oliver get around a little easier.  They said they will show us everything we need to know.

Some other promising news, though I’m not trying to get to excited about it, is that Ollie is starting to regain some use of his “good” leg.  The left one.  The last leg to go bad.  I don’t want to get my hopes up because it may be nothing and we don’t know to what extent he can control the leg.  Overall though, his doctor seemed to think that being home with his family – at least through the weekend – would be in Oliver’s best interest.  We could not agree more.