I had planned on live blogging Christmas.  I was going to take pictures and upload them periodically, and update the blog with what we were up to.  I figured it would be the best way to share the holiday with family so far away.  Obviously that didn’t happen because I spent most of Christmas day moaning on the couch.  Okay, not really.  But that’s what I felt like doing all day.  I could feel sickness coming on early last week and was in total denial.  And, of course, I woke up sick as a dog early Christmas Morning.  I woke up before the sun and before Addison to make coffee and fold towels and iron napkins.   See?  A trooper.

We weren’t sure how to handle Christmas Morning with Addison.  This baby is NOT a morning person.  She can barely open her eyes before she’s had at least half a sippy cup of milk.  And don’t even try to talk to her before she’s finished with it.  So, we decided on Christmas Eve that we would give her her morning milk upstairs and let her wake up a bit before all of the hoopla.  We thought this was the best way to avoid a total meltdown first thing in the morning.

We were so excited to see Addison’s reaction on Christmas morning because she had absolutely no expectation of what was to come.  She went to bed on Christmas Eve like it was any other eve of the year.  No matter how many times you tell a 13 month old that Santa is coming to bring her toys, she never really get it.  Not like older kids do.  For the first time in many years, I felt that childhood anticipation of Christmas.  I couldn’t wait to see Addison’s reaction.


Addison didn’t even want to come downstairs on Christmas Morning.  She was totally content to play upstairs in the game room.  She was so clueless as to what awaited her in the living room, that she took her time getting down the stairs and even stopped to give Oliver a good morning kiss.


When Addie finally did make it down the stairs it took her a minute to process everything.  She stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at her gifts, and looking back at us, with absolutely no idea what was going on.  I wish I knew what was going through her head.  How awesome it must be to be a toddler on Christmas morning.



Once we told her it was okay, she quickly ran into the living room and started exploring.  She went straight for the toys that were unwrapped and set up for playing.  I think she liked the things that were most familiar to her; her American Girl baby doll in a stroller.



Addison spent the next few hours playing in her new play house and pushing her shopping cart all over the downstairs; loading and unloading her groceries when she wasn’t trying to sit in the carriage.



What was so nice about this Christmas, and we know won’t happen for much longer,  is that the excitement wasn’t over in a flash.  Addison was having so much fun playing with her toys that it took us hours to open all of the gifts under the tree.  We simply could not get her to stop long enough to concentrate on a wrapped package when she had all of these fun new toys in front of her.


I think she’s planning to talk to Uncle Teddy about a flat screen for her new house.