Addison I spent much of the day hanging around the house prepping for the big show tomorrow.  When Scott go home from work, we ordered our customary Christmas Eve Chinese take-out.  This year even Addison joined in and ate her weight in lo-mein noodles.

After dinner and a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, we came home and called the family in Rhode Island so we could all open our Christmas Eve gifts from Mamo at the same time.  It took a while to get everyone together on the other end of the phone and Addison has no patience when it comes to waiting to open her gifts.

"What is taking them so long?  Is it Bridget?  She's always late!"

"What is taking them so long? Is it Bridget? She's always late!"

Every Christmas Eve growing up I would get so excited over that box under the tree with a C.E. on the tag next to my name.  I couldn’t wait to see what my special Christmas Eve gift would be.  I wonder how long it will take Addison to figure out that her Christmas Eve gift is always pajamas.  I think it took me roughly 16 years.


Opening gifts over the phone together is the next best thing to actually being together.  Or something.  Addie liked the shirt her Dad got in his Christmas Eve gift even more than she liked her own PJs.


Once we wrangled Addie into her own sleeping garments, it was time for milk and bed.  Now Santa has a really long night ahead of him setting up toys.   I hope this doesn’t take him too long.


Merry Christmas to all!