• I’m beginning the think that neither my house nor my daughter is cut out for Christmas decorations.  Yes, the tree is up, but not much else.  And even the tree is sparsely decorated.  None of the usual beaded garland that I think makes our tree really pop every year.  The bottom of the tree is bare and every time I walk into a room I find a new pile of silver bows, snowflakes and icicles in the corner.
  • This morning Addison discovered the switch to turn on the Christmas tree.  She’s been sitting under the tree all morning and the corner of my living room looks like some weird elfen disco with all of the flashing lights.
  • We’ve been stuck in the house for most of the week because Addison is sick with a cold.  Again.  Although, last time I think I was mistaking teething symptoms for a cold.  This is the real deal though, coughing and all.  She seems a little better this morning and it’s perfect timing because we’re both a going stir crazy.
  • This weekend our town is hosting a Holiday Fair.  Somehow, someway, they’re going to bring snow to Texas.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but for now I am excited at even the thought of getting to play in the snow with Addie.
  • Unfortunately, Addison loves her “new” hat and carries it all over the house.  She repeatedly hands it to me and expects me to squeeze her big head into it.  I’m so getting rid of this thing after she goes to bed tonight.