The polar ice caps are melting at record rates, and it’s snowing in Southeast Texas.  Is that how this is supposed to work?   I should have paid more attention in that Global Climate Change course  in college.


It must have been snowing for two hours before I actually realized it was out there.  I mean, it was 80 degrees yesterday.  I’m sure the ground was radiating steam and melting snowflakes before they came close to landing.   It wasn’t until I went to start dinner and glanced out that back door that I noticed my deck was white.  Yay!  I grabbed a sniffling Addie Baby and ran outside.


I threw her puffy vest on her before we went out because it’s the closest thing Addison has to a winter coat.  We just don’t do winter coats down here.  They’re silly!  Puffy vests on the other hand?  Stylish.


Addie looks like she’s about to shank a prison guard because the only hat I could find was from when she was a newborn.


Ollie joined in too. I made him sit his butt on the icy ground so I could get a picture of the snowflakes against his black fur.  He only cooperated because I may or may not have led him to believe I had a ball in my pocket.


The snow started up again this evening and is supposed to continue through the night.  It’s our own little winter wonderland.


I would love to wake up tomorrow and find that the snow actually survived and stuck to the ground.  Building a snowman with Addison would make my week.  But first there’s the issue of a coat and hat.