Addie has always been a climber.  Even as a newborn she would try to scale my shoulder for a better look at what was on the other side.  It should come as no surprise that as soon as she could crawl she was trying to get up the stairs, or that she mastered climbing onto the couch so quickly.  We’ve been spending a lot of time at the playground lately and Addison has had a lot of practice climbing the steps and ladders(!).

One day earlier this week after Addie had finished her breakfast, she was playing by my feet in the kitchen.  I got up from my chair to refill my coffee and when I came back she was sitting in the middle of the breakfast table.    Sitting on the table with my shopping list in one hand and pen in the other like it was her job.  Because someone has to pick up Momma’s slack during coffee break.  Addison takes on every task, no matter how small, like it’s her job.

Now, after every meal all of the chairs get pushed back from the table and set against the wall.  Yes, she can still climb on them, but at least she’s not putting her grubby feet where I eat my oatmeal.

For her next trick, she’ll climb the Christmas tree.  I saw her eyeing it up this morning.