I’ve been a little lax in updating the blog lately.  We’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  Addison started getting one of her molars almost two weeks ago shortly after we returned from our trip.  I feel like this tooth has been right under the surface ready to peek through for months now.  When she would smile, it looked like there was a small white marble under her gums.  Understandably, she was in a lot of pain when it started coming through.  We’ve been surviving on Oragel and Tylenol in this house and sleep has been irregular.

Addison has been super clingy.  I have to hold her constantly.  When I try putting her down, she goes into a full, sobbing melt down.   And when I say that I’m holding her constantly, I’m not exaggerating.  I have been holding her while cooking dinner, doing laundry and even while going to the bathroom.  I wish I were kidding.  Just when I thought we were in the clear with the right molar and Addison started returning to her normal self, the left molar started coming through.  Rinse and repeat.  At the end of the day, once I’ve pried Addison off of my torso and tucked her into bed, the last thing I wanted to do is sit down at my computer and write about her.  I mean, what would I say, anyway?  “Addison pulled my pants down today while trying to climb up my leg, screaming, because I put her down so I could blow my nose.”

I think the teeth have finally come through enough to give Addison some relief from the pain.  She’s been much happier since Thursday, thankfully.  We were able to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and a relatively pleasant Addison.

Here are some shots of Addison with her new teeth.




And this one, getting ready to leave for the park, just because it’s cute.