I’ve lived in Texas for almost three years now and somehow during first two years of my stay in the Lone Star state, the fates aligned against me and I was unable to travel home to New England for my most favorite time of year.  Sitting here in the south sweltering, while my peeps back east were breaking out the sweaters and boots and sipping mulled cider was rough.  To me there’s nothing more beautiful than a drive down Route 2 West out of Cambridge on an early October day.  My first year in Texas I started a job in September and it seemed like a hard sell to ask for vacation time to go leaf peeping.  Last year, I was hugely pregnant and unable to travel.  Little did I know, I would be pregnant for far longer than I had anticipated.

This year I was determined to travel back home in time to see the leaves and get my fill of the crisp New England air before it turned frosty.  But there was Addison’s birthday to work around and, you know, life.  Thanks to a mild fall it turned out that the beginning of November was not too late to enjoy some foliage.  The best part about being there to enjoy the season was having Addison there to experience it for the first time.


The weather at the beginning of our visit was quite mild.  It was perfect weather to take a trip to the park before sweaters and sneakers turned into parkas and snow boots.  My niece Bridget helped me pack up Addie into the car and we headed to the playground.



I think Addison was just as excited about the leaves as I was.  Though she mas more interested in the leaves on the ground than the ones left on the trees.  She spent some time on the playground equipment but mostly she was itching to get down and run through the piles of leaves.



Addison had never seen anything like it before and it was fun to watch her discover something new.  She picked through the leaves, ripped them apart and threw them around.  I never once worried that she would be attacked by a hidden mound of fire ants.


Even when we tried to steer her attention back to playing and climbing around the playground, she wanted more of the leaves.  She looks like she’s having fun swinging in this picture, but she’s actually trying to pry Bridget’s arm away from her so she can get down and tear through the leaves.


A girl after my own heart.