I don’t know if I’ve made this clear before but Addison loves water.  I don’t think I can adequately express just how much she loves the water.  Sure she loves pools and bath time, but girlfriend is content to play with my glass of water.  This is reason we have to keep the bathroom doors closed at all time.  We found out the hard way that she even loves the toilet.

Since Addison turned one I’ve been trying to teach her what’s okay to play with and what’s off limits.  Rather than emptying out every room we walk into, I would like her to realize that there are some things she just can’t do and touch.  And I want her to be okay with that.  Basically, I’d like to stop living with a playpen blocking my stairs.  Maybe I’m starting this too early, but I want her to learn boundaries. Well, clearly I’m starting this too early or I wouldn’t have seen this while walking out of the laundry room the other day.


Poor Oliver has to look at his bowl sitting out of reach on the counter all day long.  He has a smaller, secondary water bowl in my bathroom but Addison’s arms are like water sticks and she finds that bowl too.


She knows she’s not supposed to be playing in the water bowl.  Usually she’ll walk over to it, reach her hand out so that it’s hovering just above the surface, and look around for someone to stop her.


On this day, I’m imagining that when Addison looked around for someone to stop her and was met with no resistance, she decided it would be best just to climb on in.


Maybe we should think about getting a pool.