This ad from Motrin sparked a lot of controversy on the internet and Twitter over the weekend.

I agree that the ad wizards at Motrin may have been insensitive to imply that baby wearing is as fashionable as those Taliban scarves that seem to be all the rage this season.  Should the baby-wearers of the internet  really be wasting their time attacking Motrin over a silly little web commercial?

As a former baby-wearer, now toddler-wearer, I have better things to do than worry about whether or not Motrin thinks I’m using my child as a fashion accessory.  I have better things to do like try to wrangle my 25 pound child into a sling so I can regain the use of both hands.  And at the end of the day I actually do take a pain reliever for my back pain.  I wear my baby out of necessity and convenience, not because I found a fabulous pattern for a sling.

The only reason internet-Moms are getting all up in arms about this commercial is because there’s some truth to it.  Namely, our backs ache from carting our babies around all day.  Also?  Baby wearing really is a trend.  Yes, it crosses generations and cultures, but if it weren’t fashionable, I wouldn’t be able to buy a sling in virtually every color and pattern from the comfort of my couch.  If it weren’t fashionable, I wouldn’t be able to match my shoes to my baby carrier the way I match them to my purse or belt.  And if it weren’t fashionable, there wouldn’t be hundreds of designers getting in on the baby wearing business.  A large corporation was insensitive.  This is not news.  And it’s certainly not a reason for us to get our slings in a twist.