We’re finally home after 7 days at our other home in New England.  That kind of makes us sound like we’re the type to “Summer in Newport”.  Sure, let’s go with that.  We had a lovely visit and Addison was an absolute angel on both of our flights.  I can’t take all the credit though.  The Benadryl and Yo Gabba Gabba on repeat may have played a small role in her mellow behavior.  Our flight into Boston left at 7:00 AM which meant we were out the door by 5:15.  Addie was getting antsy going through the airport and while we waited in line at the gate to check if there were any open seats on the flight.  Sometimes we can get our seat changed to give us a little more room.  When it was finally our turn we approached the counter and I didn’t even have to ask.  The attendant said, “Hi, how would you like a row to yourself?  I have five kids.”  I love her.  She and her five kids are spending Christmas at my house.  She made our whole day.  Addie was able to lay across two seats to nap and I didn’t have to worry about her climbing into anyone’s lap.

We also lucked out on our flight home.  When I checked in the flight looked pretty full, save for a few empty middle seats.  I chose a seat in the first row to give us a little extra room, but also because I like to make the First Class passengers nervous by putting a baby one row behind them while they’re sipping on wine and being civilized.  The middle seat in our row was empty which, again, gave us some extra room.  Without the luck we had on that flight yesterday, I would be so hungover right now.  I really took a gamble by booking Addison as a “lap baby” at this age.  Thank goodness it all worked out.

Our return flight was scheduled to get in to Houston 15 minutes early.  I was checking my watch every 6 minutes and counting down backwards the amount of time I needed to keep Addison occupied.  When my watch said it was time to land, I couldn’t understand why the flight attendants hadn’t come around to make sure no one was listening to a rogue iPod.  Then the captain announced that because of rain, and a medical emergency on another flight, we were in a holding pattern above the airport.  This is also the precise moment when Addison lost her shit.  She must have sensed that I was nervous because she totally took advantage of it and arched her back and let out a blood curdling wail.  A wail so loud it made First Class snap it’s collective neck to see what the hell I could have possibly done to my child to cause that kind of noise to come out of her mouth.  I just wanted it to stop so I put her down on the ground in front of me thinking she just wanted to get off my lap.  Somehow she wiggled her hand out of my grasp and took off running up the aisle like she knew the way out of this mess.  Me scooping her up and taking her back to our seat did nothing for the wailing.

At this point, I was detached.  I didn’t even feel responsible for keeping her occupied anymore.  We should have been on the ground already.  My daughter was a model citizen for the scheduled duration of our flight…any extra time in the air was out of my jurisdiction.  It was fine though, I stuck stickers all over my face and arms and let her peel them off.  When we were finally on the ground and ready to get off the plane, First Class passengers actually stepped aside to let me take my squealing girl out of the confined space.  I’m guessing they just wanted a chance to say good bye.