Clever title.

My mind is at capacity; virtual memory is low.  There’s so much I want to record this week and I have so little brain capacity with which to compose a blog post.  I’m up early getting ready for Addison’s birthday party.  It’s not even light out yet…I didn’t think I could type in the dark.  I can’t, really.  It’s a good thing the backspace key is big.

Last night we attended the neighborhood Halloween party.  What a great idea this was.  Not only did we get to meet a lot of our neighbors, the kids got to run wild and play together in a safe area at the end of the cul-de-sac.  Addison ended up finding a dog tied to a tree to torment and spent the rest of her time commandeering other kid’s toys.

The biggest surprise of the night was that Addison didn’t complain about her costume once.  It was actually quite cool outside once the sun went down so I’m glad we went with the big fuzzy costume.  Now I have to make yet another trip to the market for something else I forgot.