I’ve seen this on a lot of blogs lately.  The premise is simple: Take at least one photo during every waking hour of the day and talk about what you’re doing.  Unfortunately, when you’re documenting the day of a toddler, you have to account for naps.  It’s the new 5-Things meme.  I’ve seen it on so many blogs that I don’t actually know who to credit for the idea.  I couldn’t think of a better day to document than a first birthday.  Or maybe I totally defeated the purpose of the “A Day in the Life” series by documenting Addie’s first birthday.  Perhaps the point of the project is to record the mundane.

7:15: Good Morning Birthday Girl.  Addie woke up smiling and talking to her babies in bed.  Her new favorite morning game is to run to the opposite side of the crib when I reach out to pick her up.

8:30:  Birthday Breakfast.  We both ate special A-cakes.

10:30: After nap we got dressed and played in the backyard with Oliver before heading out for the day.

11:00: Our first stop was Toys R Us to pick out a birthday toy (Thanks, Nana!).

11:30: Off to Whole Foods to shop for supplies for our big party on Saturday.  We like to hit up Whole Foods around lunch time because there are so many free samples.  Today’s favorite was cranberry cheddar with pumpkin bread coming in at a close second.

12:30: We made a quick stop to place a special order for Addison’s birthday cake.  Addie kept busy by removing all of the cards from my wallet.

1:30: When we got home from our shopping trip and put everything away, it was time to wind down with a little milk and Backyardigans before afternoon nap.

3:00: After her nap Addie changed into her tutu and played with her new blocks.  If you can’t wear a tutu on your birthday when can you wear one?

4:00: Off to Gymboree (sans tutu) to run and play and get nice and tired.

5:00: Still going strong at Gymboree.  Addie spent most of the time giggling at the new receptionist.

6:00:  Home for dinner!  Addie’s first birthday dinner of chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots.

6:30 Dinner was followed by Addie’s first taste of cake. We sang happy birthday and Addison dipped her fingers delicately into the frosting.  She was not impressed.  She even gagged twice at the taste of it.  I demand to know who gave birth to this child!  Clearly she didn’t get the memo that cake is nothing to gag at and frosting is the best part.  More end pieces for me and Allison, I guess.

7:15 After getting all cleaned up in the tub, Addie read one of her favorite books with her Dad.

7:30 We spent some time on the couch drinking milk and cuddling before bed. I did most of the cuddling and Addison did most of the milk drinking.

Good night Addie Baby!

Get after it, kids.  Let us see a day in your life.  Send me a comment when you’ve added oe to your blog.