This is a bad week for blogging. There’s a lot going on but I have no time to talk about it.  Plus, I think maybe I’m a little depressed about Addison turning 1 tomorrow.  When I’m in a funk I can’t think of anything to write that doesn’t come out sounding like “bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch”.

I don’t know why I feel this way.  It’s not like she’ll wake up any different tomorrow than she did today, or suddenly start asserting her toddlerness.  Actually, she’s been practicing that whole fussy toddler gig for a few months now and is fairly well versed in the tantrum.  I know it’s just the idea of my baby growing up that bothers me.  The idea of it.  I realize how silly that sounds: I’m upset about an idea.  I remember, almost a year ago, bawling when she turned a week old.  I would check her face every day to make sure she didn’t have eyebrows forming.  Why?  Because everyone knows that babies don’t have eyebrows so as long as she was still bare faced, she was definitely still my little baby.

I know I’m just being silly about the whole thing and I need to get over it and have a fun day with my daughter tomorrow.  This is about her and definitely not about me, I realize that.  And we will have a fun day.  I have a  lot planned for us to do to celebrate her day.  All in between naps, of course.