This is what a 52 weeks old looks like.  My 52 week old Addison sitting on the couch watching the Backyardigans.

…and laughing because that show is pretty funny.  But it seems like just yesterday that Addison was 10 weeks old and I was propping her up on the couch to snap a picture; my left arm outstretched to catch her when the weight of her head would finally pull her over onto her side.

I hardly recognize that little auburn haired baby.

And while she wasn’t much into laughing back then, I think she looked amused.  When she wasn’t sitting precariously on the couch, Addison had a little rocking chair that we bought her for Christmas.  In the early days, Addison would sit in that chair while I flitted around the house.  I would move her with me from room to room.  I’d carry her in the bathroom while I was showering or into the kitchen while I was cooking.  The first time she pulled the little ring that made the cow sing, we were so excited you would have thought we were watching her first piano recital.

When Addison started eating solid foods at four months old, she hated her high chair so I sat on the kitchen floor every night and fed her rice cereal and mashed bananas while she lounged in her rocking chair.  She loved that chair and was so content.

Back then we had all sorts of places around the house to set Addison.  We could even just lay her on the couch and she wouldn’t move.  She never fell off the couch!  Now, my 52 week old Addison would rather find ways to flip herself out of tha chair than sit in it for any period of time.

In fact, she won’t sit anywhere.  She won’t stand for being strapped in or restricted in any way.  We’ve had to put the chair away because her favorite thing to do is to push it across the room to her target (table, counter, window) and stand on it and reach whatever it is she shouldn’t be reaching. That’s the case with most things these days; there’s nothing on the floor except toys.   Because of the floorplan of our house, Addison is a free-range baby.  There’s no way to contain her with gates so our entire house is baby-friendly.  We’ve had to remove all vases and plants from the house and our coffee tables are pushed against walls with the drawers removed so Addison can’t climb them.  Even the dog’s water and food bowls have been moved to higher ground.  I’m hopeful that someday I’ll get my coffee table back and Oliver will once again be well hydrated but for now, we’re happy to give Addie space to roam freely.  Change is good, right?