• Early this morning, while multi-tasking, I poured Addison a sippy cup full of freshly brewed coffee.  She drinks milk, in case you were wondering.  Further proof that nothing good happens before I’ve had caffeine.
  • I’m thinking about taking part in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).  I’m just unsure about committing to post every day for a month.  Mostly because I’ll be out of town for an entire week and I’m not sure what my access to the internet will be like.  Maybe I can negotiate that down to every weekday.
  • This week over at One Little Kitchen there are new recipes for Risotto and Pumpkin Bread.  And, by the looks of the brown bananas sitting on my counter, today is the perfect day to make Banana Bread. so Look for that one tonight.
  • Yesterday when Addison woke up, there was a birthday gift in the living room for her from some friends who won’t be able to make it to her party.  Addison, apparently, loves wrapped packages and ribbons. As she sat there smiling and playing with the box, I cried and took pictures and cried some more.  How will I ever make it through blowing out the candles on her birthday cake?