Yesterday we took Addison to a Fall celebration at a nearby nursery.  Driving there, we weren’t expecting much.  I really thought it was going to be a few pumpkins and a hay bale set out in a parking lot or something.  Whatever.  I just wanted ONE picture of my kid with a pumpkin or a scarecrow or some other autumnal figure.  Headless Horseman?

We were pleasantly surprised when we pulled off the road and into the Fall Wonderland.  The grounds of this nursery/garden are beautiful.  There are pathways and water features meandering all over the property.  Yesterday, they had it chock full of pumpkins, hay bales and scarecrows.  Perfect for Fall picture taking.  Unless you’re me, of course, then it’s just perfectly frustrating to try to wrangle your kid into any type of favorable position for a photograph.  Addison will not be contained.

We started with a visit to the petting zoo where we got to see some very sweet animals including a kangaroo.  I’ve never seen one in person.  Neither had Addison.

Addison was afraid of every animal that didn’t look like it could be related to Oliver.  She did cautiously approach the deer while making her usual dog petting noise of “Awwwwwww.”  The people running the petting zoo were incredibly nice and great with the kids.  When one of them saw that Addie was afraid of the goats and ducks, he insisted I take this bunny because Addison would love it.  She didn’t, but it was a nice thought.

They had all kinds of games set up like pumpkin painting and beanbag toss.  Nothing that Addison could really participate in at this age.  So we walked around the grounds to enjoy the scenery and watch the kids play.

Addison spent most of her time trying to find ways to out-run us.

On the way out, we decided to let her try her hand at the hay bale maze.

It took some intense concentration…

A lot of fun…

And some help from her Dad, but Addison made it to the end of the hay maze.  We were so proud.  Four feet from the exit she had a melt down and would not take another step.

She saw me standing there waiting for her to cross the finish line and started screaming.  At first I thought they were screams of excitement at seeing me there with her sippy cup after a long walk through prickly hay bales in the hot Texas sun.  I soon realized they were not at all screams of joy and Addie Baby, in the only way she knows how, was telling us that she was over it.  I tried coaxing her towards me, clapping for her, and I kneeled down and held my arms out wide thinking she would run to me.

That just made her cry harder.  So I scooped up my baby and we finished the maze together.  They still gave her a piece of candy for completing it just the same.