I missed Addison’s 11 month birthday.  The last  one before the big one and I let it completely pass me by.  I don’t know how it happened.  Ordinarily I choose her monthday outfit days in advance and look forward to taking pictures.  As a stay at home Mom some of my favorite days are the ones where I get to dress my kid up and take pictures.  Any excuse will do.  Maybe I’m preoccupied because her actual birthday is looming so close and, I have to be honest, it’s freaking me out.  The only pictures I took of Addison on her 11 monthday were these.  How sad.

I feel like I have this deadline breathing down my neck.  This infant to toddler transition is not something I’m looking forward to.  Not the least of all because my baby will no longer be considered a baby anymore.  Mostly, I worry about all of the things that happen when a baby becomes a toddler.  At age one, she no longer gets a bottle.  And how, 30 days from now, I’m supposed to break her 3-a-day bottle habit is beyond me.  At age 1, we no longer have the nutritional safety net of formula.  Up until this point I haven’t worried too much about what Addison will and won’t eat because she’s been getting everything she needs from her formula.  There have been days when all she will eat is cheerios but she gets protein and vitamins and all of the good stuff her body needs when she drinks her bottle.  I know the breastfeeding nazi’s will shake their heads and argue that I may as well be relying on milkshakes from McDonalds for her nutrition.  But, I’ve always felt better knowing that everything she needs is in that bottle.  Solid foods have always been secondary.  With the way Addison eats, when she stops drinking formula next month, I’m afraid she’ll have scurvy by Christmas.

There’s also the dreaded 1 year visit to the pediatrician for her MMR  and various other vaccinations.  I’ve already decided to delay the shot (that’s another blog post) but I’m not looking forward to that discussion with her pediatrician.  I also don’t understand a lot of the food rules surrounding infants vs. toddlers.  Like, Addison can’t have shrimp today and she can’t have shrimp on October 25th, but on October 30th?  Heck yeah!  Head on over to Red Lobster.  I suppose they (who are they in this case?  The AAP ) have to pick some  date to lift the food restrictions.  It just seems so ambiguos to me.  When your baby is born you’re given this strict set of rules to follow and then they have a birthday and suddenly you can throw them all out the window.  It’s like a peanut butter and strawberry jelly free-for-all!  I can’t wrap my head around it.